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Technology Spotlight: Mobile Apps

See your drivers’ productivity increase with DonlenDriver and Wheels Mobile Assistant.

Designed to make the management of their company vehicles as easy as possible, our time-saving mobile apps include numerous self-service features. Below are a few highlights to help your drivers get the information they need without making a phone call.

Self-Service Feature Highlights

Driver Documents

Our Driver Documents and Glovebox sections provide access to digital insurance cards, program instructions, and registration documents all in one place! Drivers can also upload documents, including fuel and maintenance receipts.

Roadside & Location Assistance

By entering a few key data points, drivers can easily find nearby maintenance shops and fuel providers. Drivers can initiate roadside assistance directly from Wheels Mobile Assistant and choose the type of service needed.

Status and Reminders

View important information such as:

  • New vehicle order status
  • Push notifications for maintenance, recalls, mileage entries, registration renewals, new insurance cards, and more!

Integrated Support

Step-by-step assistance is built into DonlenDriver and is coming soon to Wheels Mobile Assistant! Drivers just tap on the question mark if they need further instruction. They can also submit a ticket for non-urgent inquiries directly in the app. It’s amazing the information drivers can access with just a few taps of their mobile device. For ideas on how to promote utilization of our mobile apps within your mobile workforce, contact a member of your account team.