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Compliance Corner

In this recurring feature, we will highlight new and upcoming jurisdictional legislation or changes that could potentially impact you, your drivers’ experience or your operations. As always, Wheels Donlen experts monitor changes and proactively set procedures into place when necessary.

California – Insurance Mandate Beginning 1/1/2023

Effective January 1, 2023, commercial and fleet insurers in California must report insurance electronically to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Details can be found at: lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=16058

Connecticut – New Commercial Vehicle Highway Use Tax Beginning 1/1/2023

As detailed in a recent FleetBeat, Connecticut has instituted legislation that goes into effect January 1, 2023. Beginning in the new year, commercial vehicles over 26,000 lbs. traveling on the state’s public roads will be subject to a highway use tax. Assessment will be based on the vehicle’s weight bracket and number of miles driven, with the first payment to the state being due on February 28, 2023. This is not a first—Connecticut joins New York, New Mexico, Oregon and Kentucky in imposing this type of tax on heavy vehicles. More information can be found at:

Title Delays Due to Supply Chain Challenges

For several months there has been a supply chain issue impacting the “security” paper specifically used to print vehicle titles. South Dakota is taking a priority approach to printing titles with the hope of easing the problem.

South Dakota has stopped printing titles effective immediately with printing to resume in February 2023. In the interim, title printing can be requested manually through a special online process and Wheels Donlen can support you with state/ownership transfers and future vehicle sales as needed. The state will not accept special online requests for titles for any other reason. More information can be found at:

Texas Temp Tag Requirements

While this is not a new law, the state of Texas is renewing enforcement of the existing requirement for updated Vehicle Inspection Reports (VIRs) being necessary to obtain temp tags and initiate the vehicle delivery from the dealer.

As a proactive measure, Wheels Donlen is updating dealer paperwork to include instructions for all dealers to complete the VIR as part of the delivery process. We will request temp tags five days after the vehicle has arrived at the dealer, allowing time for the dealer to complete the VIR. Upon completion of the VIR, Wheels Donlen will have the temp tag sent to the designated address to schedule the vehicle delivery with the dealer.

Idaho Registration Address Changes

Idaho’s system conversion in 2020 has resulted in old and incorrect addresses being applied to registrations. In cases where a business does not have a corporate location in Idaho, this is simply a matter of updating the address in Idaho’s system.

In cases where the business has a corporate address within Idaho, the state has advised that all units tied to that business live in a virtual corporate account in the state’s system tied to the business corporate address.

Corporate addresses located in Ada county will be registered to that address and will require a passing emissions inspection in order to renew or keep the registration active. 

The state has planned to end the emissions requirement in July 2023 and will communicate more details as that date draws closer.

Updates on a Monthly Basis

The rules can change constantly, with the potential for costing you time and money. Wheels Donlen monitors regulatory changes across 50 states and 13 provinces, in addition to tracking any local regulations that can impact your fleet. Our experienced specialists monitor changes and proactively adjust procedures to accommodate the changes—and we will inform you along the way. For any questions, contact members of your account team.

Reminders for Current Procedures