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EV Readiness Assessment Tools

Getting Ready to Electrify? Start with Us.

For many companies fleet electrification is uncharted territory, leaving more questions than answers. Are there enough charging stations out there? Will my drivers be open to adoption? Do we need to set up home charging stations?  As your fleet management partner, Wheels Donlen can bring clarity to this situation with our EV readiness assessment tools.

Fleet Readiness Assessment

Leveraging our decades of experience and broad data set, we can set you on the right path using our EV Assessment tools. This robust toolset built by the data scientists in our Client Analytics team includes the details you need to have an informed discussion and make a strategic decision on electrifying your fleet.

Part of our standard Results+ Fleet Performance Program offering, the assessment is complimentary for our clients and completed in-house.  Our approach looks across many available data sets – fuel, telematics, maintenance, distance driven – to understand your fleets driving habits. The result: a clear account of suitable vehicles, drivers, and related operating costs.

Driver Readiness Assessment

The Driver Assessment is done just prior to order placement. At that time, real-world, real-time feedback is collected and evaluated to ensure the best fit. Our driver assessment focuses on three key areas: driving patterns, charging ability and general interest. The assessment outcome ranks each driver for their propensity to electrify. From there, you can decide who moves ahead based on your overall goals.

Ready for Your Assessment?

Contact a member of your Wheels Donlen Account Team to understand what tools are available for you today.